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How to make a registration [Important]

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How to make a registration [Important]  Empty How to make a registration [Important]

Post by PwN.Klager2828 on Sun Jan 29, 2012 4:48 am

-Bear to your teammate
-Do not trash talk to other player
-Do your best in any games
-Do not be a hard headed player
-Do not fight with your teammate
-And most of all don't forget to be alert all the time

-To become the best clan among the rest
-To improve the skill of the member of this clan

Do not do unto other what you don't want them to do unto you!!!

1.Be active gamer
2.Level requirement is level 5
3.Be nice to other player
4.Do not be a quitter in a game
5.Matured mind
6.And most of all willing to buy 100rp for the change name or even not willing to buy 100rp ^_^

[Please make a new topic to and follow these steps]*How To Join?*
Facebook e-mail add:
Reason For joining:

Why do we do screening?
To obtain a good player in the clan and to know how you play the game


PwN.Klager2828 : Do you wan't free change name to have clan tag....Do you know every month i give 100 rp for 5 person to have clan tag...If you join to our clan you will not regret because this is the best clan ^_^

[~Please don't post more than one application ( Valid reasons are accepted ) Please kindly follow the {*} Marked instructions above and make your topic~]

-Questions are answered if they're about the Instructions, Unnecessary off-topic questions will not be answered-[b]

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How to make a registration [Important]  Empty Re: How to make a registration [Important]

Post by PwN.ZX on Wed Apr 25, 2012 5:07 pm

I have a suggestion for the Registration System. Since we need to recruit more members. We have to know more about the user's skills. So we have to make a Try-out system. Make a normal game... Invite the user in it. Invite some PwN clan members to show a good behavior in the game. and something.

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